Hanan’s story

A bright career for Hanan

From the moment Hanan, now 19, came to live at the Centre, she had dreamt of finding a job in finance. Bright and determined, she was interviewed several times but never got a job offer. After months and months of preparation and disappointment, she lost confidence and began to feel despondent. “I felt so demotivated by the end of it that I stopped the job-hunting for a while,” she recalls.

Thankfully our employment team were on hand to give Hanan the extra support she so desperately needed. Following in-depth coaching from one of our employment advisors, along with trips to an employability event and jobs fair to help restore her confidence, Hanan was eventually offered a role as an apprentice cashier for a high-street bank.

“As a business they’ve got really good values,” explains Hanan. “They invest everything into who they employ and they are careful about taking on the right person for the job.” Hanan has settled in well: she is passing her assessments and managing her assignments, and she has built up new relationships with colleagues too. “We see each other every day and so we all get on. I was told the other day that I’ve been a great addition to the team,” she enthuses. Of course, being a wage-earner has given her added freedom. “It’s nice to be able to treat myself when I’ve been paid,” she says. Knowing she is a valued employee, Hanan has a new-found confidence. “It’s not just a job, it’s a career,” she explains. “When I go to work, it’s the greatest time.”

“Hanan has worked so hard to get a job over the last 18 months” explains Joanna from our residential services team. “Her story is a reminder to us all that with the right attitude and skills, it really is possible to achieve your goals.”