Amy's Story

Amy's Story

Last year Amy, 29 ran away from her abusive husband. After a few weeks on the streets she managed to find a room at a refuge near to the Centre. For the first few months she barely left her room. Eventually she got talking to another resident who told her about the Centre, and offered to come with her.

Amy's husband had never allowed her to work, she had no confidence, and no work experience, but she was desperate to build a life for herself. Ben, one of our employment advisors found out that Amy's dream was to work in a bank, but with no experience, she had no idea how to find a job in the industry. Ben arranged for Amy to go on an open day at an investment bank where she had the chance to meet people from lots of teams within the company. Wearing her first suit, Amy had the confidence to talk to members of staff, and left the day with real confidence and determination.

Ben contacted the bank and arranged for a member of staff to mentor Amy, to achieve her goals. Last month, Amy's mentor told her about an internship opportunity. With a lot of coaching and help from Ben, Amy applied for a place, and we are delighted to say that she got the internship, and is now filled with hope for the future. "The Centre has given me my life back. I feel I have been given the chance of a new life, and I am going to take every opportunity that comes my way." With the right support, people can turn their lives around. To give them this chance, we need your help.  

 To protect her identity, Amy's name has been changed and a stock image used.

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