Providing feedback to the Centre

The Centre welcomes and embraces all forms of feedback. Our values demand that we learn, reflect and improve and so we are keen to make it easy for people to share their views about how we work.

 This page outlines how you can provide feedback and what you can expect to happen.  

There are three different types of feedback:

  1. Compliments – You have had a good experience of our work and would like to tell us about it.  
  2. Suggestions – you may have ideas that you think will help us to improve our services 
  3. Complaints – you are unhappy with an aspect of our work and would like this to be looked into.

If you have any questions that aren't answered on this page, please do get in touch by emailing: or calling 0207 222 1602

How do I make a compliment?

How do I make a suggestion about improving the work of the Cardinal Hume Centre?

How do I raise a complaint to the Cardinal Hume Centre? 

Can my complaint be anonymous?

What happens after I raise a complaint?

What happens if I am not happy with the outcome of my complaint?

How do I complain about the Centre's immigration service?

How do I complain about the Centre's fundraising practices?

How do I complain about the Centre's data practices?