Poverty and homelessness

Many families, young people and vulnerable individuals in the UK live in poverty and many need support to remove the barriers to help them realise their full potential.

Poverty and homelessness

Poverty and homelessness are experienced by a significant number of people in the UK today, including children, young people and families.  The evidence base suggests that the impacts of homelessness and poverty are multi-faceted and wide ranging, often having long lasting effects on individuals' future life chances.

The Cardinal Hume Centre team work to support people to overcome these challenges and help them realise their potential.


of children in London live in poverty

Homelessness and poverty are experienced by a significant number of children, young people and families in London today.

Migrants are at a higher risk of poverty given the restrictions that are placed upon them in terms of accessing the housing market, paid employment, and benefits, as well as reduced access to affordable, specialist immigration advice.

Poverty can have a long lasting effects on individuals' future life chances.

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of households in London who were at risk of homelessness had children

Evidence suggests that the impacts of poverty and homelessness can be substantial and wide-ranging, and they are very often inter-related.  When experienced at a young age, they have the potential to impact on one's physical, emotional and educational development.

Impacting on them for the rest of their lives and increasing their future risk of homelessness.  

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young people in London approached their local authority as homeless

Some of the causes of poverty and homelessness are:

• Limited supply of suitable housing; 
• Cuts to local services
• Low pay and unemployment
• Mental health, trauma and adverse childhood experiences

Many people experience one or more of these challenges, trapping them in a cycle of poverty.

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Our approach

At the Centre, we work hard to prevent the clients from experiencing the crises poverty and homelessness can create and in the longer term to break the cycle of homelessness.  

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Each year we help over 1,100 people to reduce their risk of homelessness

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