Catherine's Story

Catherine's Story

After spending the last few years as a full time mum, Catherine,42, wanted to return to work. Her husband provides an income, but now that her son in old enough she desperately wants to  improve their financial situation. She says without the support of the Centre she would have already given up. When I arrived at the Centre I was really nervous. Normally I am very shy of meeting new people. But Gareth and Phil [advice & assessment team] were so smiley and welcoming. I started to feel hopeful that I would find help here. The Gateway made an appointment for Catherine to meet the Employment Team: They are so nice. They listened to me, helped me with my CV and also told me about the computer classes at the Centre. It is so useful having everything in one place. I have also completed two voluntary placements at the Centre  " one was helping the housing team with administration, and the other on reception. Having some voluntary experience, not only means Catherine has some up to date content on her CV but that she is starting to get a bit more confident. It also helped her to get a voluntary placement as a Teaching Assistant, which would be her dream job.

I love it. I am so passionate about working with children. I love helping them, and seeing their faces when they learn new things.

Catherine is still looking for paid work. I will do anything. I am practising my interview technique as I still freeze and just can't get what I want to say out of my mouth. I worry that employers don't want me because of my age, but I am very hard working. I want to make life better for my son. The Cardinal Hume Centre keeps me going when I find it tough. If it wasn't for the staff here I would have given up. I believe that God has picked all the best people and placed them at the Cardinal Hume Centre to help people out of poverty and difficult circumstances. Catherine is just one of many people work who come to the Centre every day, desperate for help. We know that with support from the Centre, people can change their life for the better. But we can't do it without you. Please help to bring hope to people like Catherine, by making a donation to the Centre today:

To protect her identity, Catherine's name has been changed and a stock image used.

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