Chris's story

Chris's story
I want everyone who supports the Centre to know, that they are making a difference, that they are investing their money in a good place. I have gone from nothing, to all this opportunity.

For many people the Centre was the place that gave them the space and the chance to rebuild their lives. It is wonderful when Chris came back to the Centre to tell us what he had been up to. He wanted to thank everyone who had helped him. Chris was a completely different person from the frightened 18-year-old that came to our hostel three years ago.

I came to the Cardinal Hume Centre from a previous hostel. I was so stressed out. The other hostel was like a prison, it was dirty, and I didn't feel safe. I couldn't believe it when I came to the hostel here, it was warm and bright - everyone was so kind. The hostel became my home, my safe place. The kind of security you get here, you don't see anywhere else.

Having somewhere to call home, after years of uncertainty, gave Chris the chance to think about his future. Whilst staying at the hostel, he decided he wanted to become a civil engineer, and so the staff here helped him to enrol at college. After just over a year in our hostel, Chris was heading off to university.

Three years ago, I thought my future would be homelessness, depression, drugs, and nothingness. Now I have a future, because you gave me a chance.

Chris has just graduated with a double first in civil engineering. He was awarded an 8 week internship at the Olympic site, and is now deciding between a university scholarship and a job offer from a top engineering firm.

Chris is just one of many people work who come to the Centre every day, desperate for help. We know that with support from the Centre, people can change their life for the better. But we can't do it without you. Please help to bring hope to people like Chris, by making a donation to the Centre today:

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