Jason's Story

Jason's Story

Now  I've moved to the Cardinal Hume Centre I have to make something of my time here, and when I move on I want to get something better.   Nineteen-year-old Jason came to the Centre in January after leaving his parents' home. He had anger management issues and a difficult relationship with his family. Fighting at school had led him to being excluded, and he also had been in trouble with the police. After leaving home Jason went to University to study International Business and Management but he ran into more difficulties and left, leaving him homeless.

After a friend told Jason about the Centre he came to us for help. We assessed him and his situation and we were able to give him a room in our onsite hostel. With help from the hostel support staff Jason has now dealt with his anger issues and is planning to go back to University in September to resume his course. The Centre's housing advice team are also working with him to find suitable accommodation.   In the meantime, he has been working as a handyman and is hoping to get work in one of the sandwich shops in Victoria. He enjoys keeping fit and has become an amateur boxer.

Jason says that the Centre is a welcoming place for homeless people and since coming here he has been able to set up a structure and a programme for his life for the first time ever, which feels really good. Now I am organised and I take responsibility for myself and I would hate this to stop.   All of this has come from being at the Centre.   I had a problem with my anger before but since coming here I have been able to conquer this.   One of the staff helped me to learn how to control my emotions and am now very positive, said Jason.

People should support the Cardinal Hume Centre because homeless people can be guided if they have the right facilities," said Jason. "From being a homeless person you can turn your life around.   If enough support is given homeless kids can make something of themselves.

To protect his identity, Jason's name has been changed and a stock image used.

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