Ken's story

Ken's story

For many people facing a crisis it is hard to know where to turn. Pride, fear, uncertainty can all make taking the first step difficult. For Ken, who has always worked hard to put food on the table for himself and his partner, unemployment and failed attempts at finding work meant having to choose between a meal for the day and heating for their flat. I've always worked; to come down to this is heart-breaking

Ken's pride stopped him from seeking help, but when his partner found out about the Cardinal Hume Centre she made a call on his behalf. From Ken's initial meeting with the Advice and Assessment team he was offered advice on benefits, and referred to the Centre's employment team. The team also put Ken in touch with the local foodbank helping him get emergency food for himself and his partner. Ken's first visit to the Centre has not only given him hope, but it has given him the confidence to return for further help,

" My first impression was that it's just for homeless people, but it's not. People don't know that if you're working and you're struggling you can still get help. Without the Cardinal Hume Centre I wouldn't know where to start. They say it like it is, and I like that. They get straight to the point, they want to help you."

On average 20  " 25 new people register with our Advice and Assessment team each week. Make a donation today and help someone who has taken their first step to have hope for the future. To protect his identity Ken's name has been changed and stock image used.

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