How we work

We put the individual at the centre of everything we do.

Everyone who comes to the Cardinal Hume Centre is treated as an individual, and much of our work is done on a one to one basis. The first question we ask is ‘what do you want to achieve?’ By taking this approach we are able to move away from simply categorising someone as homeless, a single parent, unemployed, a migrant or asylum seeker, and tailor our services to meet a person’s specific and often complex needs. Our ultimate goal is to help people achieve greater resilience and wellbeing. Our work is targeted towards supporting people to overcome the barriers they face in achieving this. We focus on four critical areas of need: income, housing, education and legal status.  

Our person centred approach



Safeguarding statement

The Cardinal Hume Centre is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of the children, young people and adults with whom we work, as well as our staff and volunteers.

We actively encourage a culture of safeguarding across the organisation. This involves our staff and volunteers knowing how to communicate and record information around any concern of abuse, and taking appropriate action.

We provide mandatory training for all staff and volunteers who work directly with clients, along with clear and robust safeguarding policies and processes.

Our safeguarding group, chaired by an experienced safeguarding officer, meets on a regular basis. We also benefit from the input of an external safeguarding advisor.

Our whistleblowing policy encourages transparency in our working practices. It enables staff, volunteers and others to raise any incidents or concerns they may have about the work of the Cardinal Hume Centre, safe in the knowledge they will be dealt with sensitively and properly. The policy also provides information on the relevant external authorities who may be contacted should someone, having raised an issue, remain concerned and feel the need to escalate matters.

These measures help us to provide the highest levels of protection for all those who engage with us.