Vision & Values


The Centre strives towards a society where every individual has a safe place to live and the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Mission: Turning Lives Around

The Cardinal Hume Centre enables families, children and young people to overcome poverty and avoid homelessness.

Founding Ethos

Cardinal Basil Hume, our founder, was a Benedictine monk and the Centre draws particularly on Benedictine teaching looking to welcome ‘as Christ’ each person who comes to the Centre, providing sanctuary and hospitality to people from all backgrounds.  We believe that each person is created in the image of God, and is therefore valuable and precious with the right to the fullness of life.  In the words of Cardinal Hume,

“Each person matters; no human life is redundant”.Vision_&_values

The Centre, inspired by Catholic Social Teaching, puts the Gospel message into action by reaching out to and giving practical help to those people in greatest social, economic and personal need.


At the Centre we will:

  • Value each person
  • Welcome and include
  • Encourage potential
  • Work together
  • Learn, reflect and improve

Click here to read our Values and Behaviours Framework booklet