Mending broken family bonds

July 24, 2019

Marwa's successful move-on from the Cardinal Hume Centre's hostel for homeless young people:

In January this year Marwa moved into a room at the Cardinal Hume Centre's hostel for young people. Her father had thrown her out of the family home after she had been seen talking to a boy whom he believed to be her boyfriend.

Homeless, separated from her family, and in desperate need of a safe roof over her head, Marwa, 18, also needed support to gain the skills to live independently. At the Centre she built up a strong relationship with her key worker, Hayley, and,with Hayley's encouragement, took part in the Centre's life skills programme and cooking classes. Marwa's confidence grew visibly, and, says Hayley, she really values the friendships she built with other hostel residents.

With help of Juliette, an employment advisor at the Centre, Marwa wrote a new CV and then went on to secure a job all on her own!  There is so much determination in Marwa. If she just puts her mind to it, I'm sure she can do whatever she wants in life, says Juliette.

Indeed, after six months, Marwa was able to mend her relationship with her family, and this summer she moved back to her family home, telling Hayley she remains deeply grateful to the Centre's staff, supporters and volunteers for all the guidance she received.