We join collective of 100 Charities to Tackle Escalating Youth Homelessness Crisis

June 12, 2023

In the past year alone, a shocking 129,000 16–25-year-olds* across the UK went to their local council for help because they were facing or already experiencing homelessness. This is approximately 353 new young people every day, one every four minutes. An enormous group, left exposed to the harmful effects of homelessness.

This unacceptable reality compels us to demand better and strive for lasting solutions, which is why 100 of the UK’s biggest and best youth and youth homelessness charities have come together to end this. The collective, which includes local services and specialist providers such as Cardinal Hume Centre, as well as big charities such as Centrepoint and YMCA, have united to call on government to commit to a cross-departmental strategy to end youth homelessness.

Our CEO, George O'Neill said: "Too many young people are experiencing the costs of homelessness and it’s a huge risk to the potential found in each of their lives. We know the causes of homelessness, and we know the solutions,  we now just need the combined support of politicians and the Government to act.  I am not sure there has ever been a more urgent time to do so, and that is why we’re throwing the Centre’s weight behind this campaign."

With an enormous amount of experience and evidence behind us, we are spreading a message of practical hope. While the true scale of youth homelessness is unknown, the solutions aren’t. We can prevent and sustainably solve homelessness and danger for tens of thousands of under-25s every year, but we are calling for systems change to stem the escalating crisis.

Using what we know works, we have created a strategy that prioritizes the following areas:

• Prevention - supporting young people to avoid homelessness crises in the first place.

• Housing- establishing better, safer options to identify and support those facing homelessness.

• Finances - ensuring fairer pay and resources are available to empower young people to build successful, independent lives.

Together, the collective is calling for the major political parties to commit to the strategy in their General Election manifestos and for government to adopt the proposed strategy.

Support us in our campaign with the hashtag #Planforthe129k, as we unite our voices and demand an end to youth homelessness.

*Centrepoint Databank– Estimates for 2021-22

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