Luke’s Story

Luke has battled leukaemia since he was two years old, but this hasn’t effected his work ethic. Thanks to the Centre he has been able to get back into employment.

Tom’s Story

“I was keen to get some first-hand experience and learn something new about the great work voluntary groups do to help those in need.

I now spend a couple of hours most weeks at the Centre’s Jobs Club.”

Amy’s Story

Last year Amy, 29 ran away from her abusive husband. After a few weeks on the streets she managed to find a room at a refuge near to the Centre. For the first few months she barely left her room. Eventually she got talking to another resident who told her about the Centre, and offered to come with her. Amy’s […]

Catherine’s Story

After spending the last few years as a full time mum, Catherine,42, wanted to return to work. Her husband provides an income, but now that her son in old enough she desperately wants to improve their financial situation. She says without the support of the Centre she would have already given up. “When I arrived at the Centre I was really […]